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Sorry doesn’t heal a hurt soul instantly,love and time helps

Sorry doesn’t heal a hurt soul instantly,love and time helps

“I’ve learnt through my journey in relationships that “I’m Sorry” “pardon me” forgive me” are words that can be soothing and analgesic to a hurting heart. But saying these words as if they bring automatic solution to certain wrong doing is wrong. I learnt this many times I offended my wife and she tries to pour her heart out to me to really know how much I’ve really hurt her and the need for me to give her sometime to be healed. I kept on terrorising her with the words, ” I’m sorry” Oftentimes, I feel offended of her not accepting that I’m sorry as if it should bring automatic solution to traumatised soul. Let’s learn to say sorry and allow the injured person to gradually work out of the pains without trying to manipulate them into accepting being sorry while the pain caused persists. Bear in mind that hitting my car and breaking any of the car lamp covers won’t fix it back by saying, “I’m sorry ” Killing someone by accident can’t raise the person back by saying, “I’m sorry”. Betraying a good friend won’t automatically erase the hurting heart the pains by saying, “I’m deeply sorry”. Yes, i may be deeply sorry but not allowing you to digest and excrete the pains already created by my wrongdoing towards you is tantamount to witchcraft. Be sorry but allow people to deal with those pains caused by you. Don’t push them so hard into accepting being sorry as a panacea to the hurt in their heart”. By Chimezie Ukatu…Mr Chimezie Ukatu, the motivational writer

I came across this article written by a Nigerian motivational writter that makes much wave on social medias. Mr Chimezie Ukatu is based in Lagos,Nigeria…I will interview him soon but right now,I just want to talk about this crucial article he published on his facebook wall. I so much love the post that I had to seek his permission to publish it on my blog. He wrote exactly what I was thinking about this topic.Many people hurt others and find it difficult to apologise or feel sorry for real. Many never say sorry and some expect you to shut your mouth and deal with it simply because they have said sorry. Just like beating a child and ask him or her not to cry. Wounds of the soul hurt deeper than that of the flesh and they heal slower too. They say that “time” heals all wounds but I will add that much love aids time in healing the wounds faster. I am a very sensitive person, when someone I love and cherish hurts me and pretends not to notice or worse says sorry without making ammends, such attitude pierces my heart like a sharp knife. Saying sorry and still doing “that” that you are sorry about is unacceptable. It shows you take the person for granted or you simply believe the person will always bear with you because he/she has no other choice. Many women are tagged as “nagging” simply because they insist on being treated like humans that they are. I am really surprised that a Nigerian man can reason like  Mr Chimezie Ukatu. He is my HERO of the day. Motivational writer, Mr Chimezie Ukatu

Please dear readers,we learn daily,may this article touch your hearts like it touched mine. Care more about how you treat your loved ones. Saying sorry and learning from your mistakes makes you a better and greater person. And to the offended ones, please kindly forgive your offenders even when they find it difficult to say the words but use actions to show that they are sorry. I know that the best is to hear the magic word with the heart melting actions but give them time to learn because surly,they will not change overnight. I wish you the very best of life. Bear hugs from Spain

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