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Celebrate some of the African Queens in Diaspora

Celebrate some of the African Queens in Diaspora

Though many African judge our continent by the prejudice of some westerners, some even renounce their African nationalities as soon as the acquire that of any of the developed countries,some refuse to visit their motherland and hate to be identified as Africans,there many African Queens and Kings across the world that proudly showcase our rich culture through their taditional outfits and events/parties. My family and I are surely one of the proud African Royalties in diaspora but today, I wish to celebrate others. I had to choose just a few for this edition, I will surely celebrate  more African Queens and Kings in the future.

The first African queen I want to acknowledge today, is celebrating her 50th birthday in Toronto, this also goes to her as a birthday gift for being such a wonderful lady that uplifts other ladies…….

Ms Flora Efi is from Isoko in Delta State of Nigeria but based in Toronto (Canada).

. Ms Flora Efi

Sexy African Queen Ms Flora Efi ( Canada).

Stunning Ms Flora Efi (Canada).

Gorgeous African Queen, Ms Flora Efi (Canada)

Mrs Faith Adaeze Chima Ezeoffor is my favorite Ambassador for African Culture, though she is a Nigerian, she proudly wears outfits and headgears from different African Countries. Mrs Ezeoffor was born in Oshimili L.G.A of Delta and married to Mr Ezeoffor from Oko in Anambra State (Nigeria). She surely makes heads turn in California (United States of America) where she is based. .....

Hajia (Aja) Drammeh from Gambia and lives in Bilbao (Northern Spain).....

Chief Mrs Bridget Okorie is from Igala, Akoko-edo in Edo State of Nigeria and married to His Excellency Chief Peter Okorie of Mbieri in Imo State. They reside in Valencia (Spain).....

Mrs Sandra Kpakpando, Ezege Nwanyioma is from  Enugu (Nigeria) but based in Maryland (United states of America).....

Mrs Sandra Kpakpando (U.S.A)

Miss Khadousse Cisse is from Senegal and based in France.....

Chief Mrs Christiana Amoruo is a great Nigerian mother to most Africans in Verona (Italy)..

Mrs Mirabelle Kapnan Idehen is a gospel artist from Cameroon, married to a Nigerian actor and Fashion icon, Mr Rawlings Osaretin Idehen from. They are based in Madrid (Spain)....

Mrs Joy Osamuyi is from Benin in Edo State (Nigeria) and resides in Madrid (Spain)....

Mrs Ijeoma Abraham ( Adaugo 1 of Boston/ Ada Jesus) is from Imo State (Nigeria) and based in Boston, Massachusetts (United States of America)..

Mrs Ijeoma Abraham ( U.S.A.

Gorgeous African Queen, Ada Jesus…Mrs Ijeoma Abraham ( U.S.A.

Fabulous African Queen, Ada Jesus…Mrs Ijeoma Abraham ( U.S.A

Ambassador Lydia Tett Olet is an international dancer from Nairobi (Kenya), lives in London (United Kingdom) but works across the world promoting the culture of her dear country.

. Ambassador LYdia Tett Olet (United Kingdom)

Ambassador LYdia Tett Olet (United Kingdom).


. Ambassador Lydia Tett Olet (United Kingdom)

Mrs Issabella Marchard is from Auchi in Edo State (Nigeria), she is based in Madrid (Spain)..

Mrs Issabella Marchard (Spain).


Mrs Chizoba Udo-Okoye is from Ufuma in Orumba North L.G.A  and was married to late Mr Okoye of  Orafite in Ekwusigo L.G.A of Anambra State (Nigeria). She is based in Oakland, California. (United States of America).

. Mrs Chizoba Udo-Okoye (U.S.A)


Miss Virginia Efua is an international model from Bata in Equatorial Guinea. She resides in Madrid (Spain).

. Miss Virginia Efua (Spain).

Miss Virginia Efua (Spain).

Mrs Ogochukwu Igweonu Obi is from Anambra State (Nigeria) but based in Nashville, Tennessee (United States of America). I so much love how her family wears ashoebi (uniform) to every event. They are swagalicious Nigerian family.

Mrs Ogochukwu Igweonu Obi (U.S.A.).


The swagalicious Obi family in U.S.A.

Mrs Uche Onuoha from Ajali in Aguata L.G.A of Anambra State (Nigeria) resides in Valencia (Spain) where she is popular for her exquisite taste in fashion.

. Mrs Uche Onuoha (Spain)


Mrs Uche Onuoha (Spain)

Well, that’s all for today. don’t hesitate to leave your comments on my website so I can read them and reply accordingly. Kindly share this article to motivate all Africans to be proud of their roots.





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  • Wow what marvellous work you did here your excellencyGOD will grace every handwork of yours endlessly, the whole world will hear and see your good work, you are always welcome and appreciated and time my world best super woman

    • Uncountable thanks my Diamond.
      A true African Queen with class.
      May God Almighty bless you and grant you all your heart desires.
      Keep on promoting our culture and country mi bella Reina.
      Lots of love and hugs,
      Her Excellency, Chief Princess Osodieme of Awka Kingdom


    Great women. Very proud of them.
    But don’t forget to stop over in Holland. Where you also find some African Queens,divas of high potentials representing our continent and promoting our culture in a very unique and stylish way.
    Thank you

    • Good day Ma’am. Thanks for your remark.
      I would be glad to receive the names,information and pictures of the African Queens in diaspora.
      Her Excellency,
      Chief Princess Osodieme 1 of Awka Kingdom

      • Chizoba Udo-okoye

        Awesome Job Adaeze1! You are a true African Woman! More Grease To your Elbows! Keep up the Good work!

  • Quintessential Kpakapndo

    Omg! Amazingly awesome! Superb! Kudos Her Excellency Honorable Chief Mrs NWANNE CAMPO for such a fabulous and unique recognition. It takes a great Queen to appreciate another. I am so humbled and you are highly appreciated. May the amazing Grace of the Lord abide with you always IJN

    • Amen and Amen! Gazillion thanks my super African Queen, the scintillating Kpakpando 1 of Enugu State.
      You are a born Star that brightens the path for others to follow.
      Ezege nwanyioma a.k.a Akwaokwulu 1. May God bless and lift you higher Ma’am. Amen. Lots of hugs

  • Chizoba Udo-okoye

    Adaeze Omalicha na-Ukehe…. Awesome job you did here. Keep the flag flying and the colors shining! I love that even in diaspora we are still proud of our heritage and still showcase our rich African culture. Long Live Africa the land filled with milk and honey!

    • Yessssssssss my Princess, you are surely making Mama Africa proud.
      I am very proud of you my beautiful queen.
      Keep on representing us. I love you nneoma

  • Chizoba Udo-okoye

    Awesome Job Princess!! Well organized and put together. More Grease To Your Elbows!

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