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Don Little’s plight!! Why does the size of Manhoods matter to women?

Don Little’s plight!! Why does the size of Manhoods matter to women?

Diamond Celebrites published the news about Don Little’s plight. According to the news, about 5 ladies have rejected the popular actor  because of the size of his manhood. Though he is an adult male,he has the size of a 10 years old child. Click on this link to read what Diamond celebrities wrote on his plight. . I decided to write on this and motivate/ educate those that still are ignorant of the importance of foreplays. We always come across the question “does the size of a man’s genital organ matter?” It is obvious it does. Average women prefer them not small nor too big….too small is a nightmare, small size is undesirable as the ladies can’t feel the existence of it during intercourse and the horselike extra big are dreadful as they give most ladies more pain than pleasure though it also depends on the expertise of the man.

Say you get big machine, no mean say you go sabe use am. Such men really need to learn to be extremely good in foreplays to be able to get their ladies ready and well lubricated for the coito, if not….they will have headache whenever the man wants to go to the “other room”… I am not saying that foreplay is only for those with a particular size of sex organs but I am emphaizing that they need to master it more because it is a must, if they want their partners to be happy with their performances.

There is a huge difference between having sex and making love, sex could be with just anyone but lovemaking is with someone you love which entails a lot of affection,care and time. Sex is mere banging, while love making has 3 steps namely..Foreplay, sexual intercourse and afterplay. Foreplay is almost the most important of the 3 steps because it prepares the woman to be well lubricated which will enable easy penetration and enjoyment of the coito. Sex toys and lubricants can also be used during the foreplay. The man must be patient till the lady is excited enough before he goes to the main act. No matter the size of the male organ, the man must give piority to the pleasure of the lady because if he rushes off to ejaculate before she reaches climax,he will leave her frustrated. Each love making should end with an afterplay where you praise your lover,kiss and reassure eachother of your love,loyalty e.t.c. It is absolutely wrong to push off the lady after making love,rush off for a shower/cigarette or worse doze off as if all the guy wanted was a dumping ground.

Like I mentioned earlier, the cry of Don Little inspired me to write this. Though physical height of a man can’t give a clue of the size of his manhood, some short men may have longer joy stick than tall men just as the slim ones might have bigger ones than fat men…. you never can tell till they undress but in Don little’s case, you don’t need to see him naked to know that he will be the size of his body. What is the essence of a lady getting intimate with him when she knows that she wants a man with a fully developed male reproductive organs? Only women in love can overlook such and be patient to find how to enjoy their moments of intimacy.Actor Don little
My advise to men that face such ordeal is that they have to master the techniques of foreplays and usage of sexy toys for their lovers to enjoy making love with them. They should feel free to talk about sex with their lovers,find out what they like and how to please them. Fingers,tongue,dildos and other sexy toys must be used on their female lovers,get them reach climax with the dildo before the guy can now have his way because the lady wouldn’t feel him in there though she must be moaning and saying sweet nothings to help him ejaculate.

Sex education is still a big taboo for many Africans but the ignorance of it is behind the crash of many marriages. I don’t think that married couple should be uncomfortable in discussing issues like this. They should be even more romantic than they were during their courtship. Being romantic,sweet and creative spices up good marriages. I hope these words will not be read with disdain but should be useful to all couples out there.

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