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Not even Cancer could steal our smile

Not even Cancer could steal our smile

Those who know me, can testify that I am the “practice what you preach kind of girl”, like my business gingle says. I always encourage everyone to try to stay optimistic and cheerful in the midst of rough times. Some people think that it is impossible while some think that such smiles are fake. Some would even misinterpret your smile as mischievous or devilish as they think you are the cause of the affliction of your loved one and is definitely happy seeing the person suffering. Oh yes, it may sound odd to westerners but not for some Africans. Some narrow minded people thought I was the cause of my hubby’s illness and was happily waitting for his death so I can acquire all his properties…(Please permit me to laugh out loudly). I am glad that God is on his throne and granted us the miracle we were praying for…....

Atimes some people say I smile a lot because I don’t have problems, they think it is not possible to smile when you are passing through the dark tunnel of life. Well, I disagree and this article is meant to prove that it is possible and to also encourage all those that are battling with the storms of their lives.

Chief Engineer Ignacio Campo (Eziafakaego of Awka Kingdom in Anambra State of Nigeria) was a baby faced cheerful and plumpy man that looked a little above 40 while he was actually 61 years old. With his looks, it was hard to believe that he had cancer (stage 3). His complaints of constant headache ended up being the dreadful ailment...

I must confess that I was calm in his presence but would cry in the church or in the bathroom as I didn’t want to make him sad. We both always talked about plans for the future after his treatment. We were optimistic though he lost 3 members of his family to cancer within the same year he fell ill. We always believed that his case was different and God proved it is. All Glory be to God Almighty.


Nobody can imagine what it is to suffer from cancer or to nurse a loved one suffering from it till it happens to you.It was the most scary of all the bad experiences of my life. Seeing him connected to various machines, going for radiotherapy and Chemotheraphy and the drastic changes in his physique and yet remain cheerful to motivate him wasn’t easy but our daughters and I had to do it because it works hand in hand with the medications and prayers...

To a point, his looks where so shocking that ,I will pull all my will power not to cry,I continued kissing him and telling him he is the most sexy and handsome man on earth. We snapped lots of pictures during his battle with cancer but he didn’t see them till he won the battle over it. He could not recognise himself initially as he lost 48kg......

We were so happy and grateful to God for the miracle, some of his family members never thought he would survive it. So many people abandoned us to our faith but God kept some angels to enourage us and pray for us. We shall always be indebted to them. Some  of such angels are Our Parish Priest Don Artemio, Mr and Mrs Jesus of our church (St Joseph’s Parish), His Excellency Mallinson Afam Ukatu ( Odinanwa of Alor setar in Idemili L.G.A. of Anambra State),my Godfather His Majesty Igwe Gibson Nwosu (Ezeuzu 2 of Akwa Kingdom), My Benue Mothers, my cousins (the Chude family of Odoje in Onitsha), Bishop Kingsley Ohangbon of Elect of God Ministries,Spain, Pastor Mike Eyiuche and Pastor Kalu Pius both of Elect of God Ministries Vitoria and Madrid respectively), Mrs Isabella Marchard,  Mr Chibuike Ugoebenaja and Mr Femi Aluko Olokun all based in Madrid, Mrs Blessing Ode (Belgium),Mr Best,Nigerian actor based in Bibao and the Mayor of our Town, His Excellency Don Francisco ortiz. Our gratitude also goes to the Oncologists,nurses and all the medical team that treated my hubby.May God bless them and every other person that ever offered a prayer for my hubby during the dark days...........

As you can see, 5 years after the tough battle, God is still granting my hubby victory though he has to live with some severe side effects of the  corrosive treatment. Every single day is a marvellous gift to us and that keeps the smiles permanent on our faces.I hope you enjoyed this article and I pray with all my heart that God will grant you, your prayers and healing mercies to those that need it. Cheer up and believe that your miracle is on the way and please do me this big favour…..JUST KEEP SMILING . Kindly share this article to motivate others and feel free to leave your comments on my website,I will reply you as soon as I can........

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  • Kenny sanny OLA tennyson Arogege

    Hmmnn this is an authentic miracle from the above and it shall be permanent in Jesus Name.The devil will continue to loose the battle in Jesus Name.Felicidades Gloria a Dios.

  • Kenny sanny OLA tennyson Arogege

    Hmmnn this is an authentic miracle from the above and it shall be permanent in Jesus Name.The devil will continue to loose the battle in Jesus Name.Felicidades Gloria a Dios.

    • A Mighty Amen! Thanks a lot Sir. May God bless you and your family. Amen.
      Her Excellency, Chief Princess Osodieme of Awka Kingdom

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