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The Legend Collector Mr Dakian writes on the Legends of Cantabria

The Legend Collector Mr Dakian writes on the Legends of Cantabria

Destiny brings different personalities my way and I always try to bring to you the mos outstanding one. Few weeks ago, I met a Transylvanian writter who works with me at the International University here. His book “Leyendas Cantabras” is amongst the best of it’s kind. I found his biography fasciating and decided to interview him. I am glad he accepted, it is a great honour to have met him and to have him grant this interview.

Mr Dakian was featured in Cantabria’s prestigious newspaper El diario Montañes on the 12/08/2018


1, Sir, can you kindly introduce yourself to the readers.
Hello everybody and thank you Princess Nwanne Campo for this opportunity.
I’m Dakian, a Transylvanian-born writer and photographer based in Cantabria, Northern Spain. I love legends and I even founded a “Museum of Legends” in my native Transylvania. Thanks to my passion, in 2016 I earned the honour to be called “a great collector of legends” by the American prize-winning writer Vanessa Veselka, in one of the top and most important scientific magazines of the world – Smithsonian Magazine. So, I guess I can say that I tell awesome stories… 

Mr Dakian

2, What is your occupation and how long have you been based in Spain?
I’m currently having three jobs , because beside collecting and writing legends I also work as a freelance photographer and as a CP – Conversation partner of the students from the English immersion programme of UIMP Santander. I came to Spain last year in September and I live in a place of legend, a gorgeous small medieval village with a fortress and a cathedral, next to the Atlantic Ocean and with an incredible mountain view.

Mr Dakian and some of his colleagues

3, What motivated you to write the book “Leyendas Cantabras”?
Well, as you know Princess, great honours come with even greater responsibilities. So, if I was branded as “a great collector of legends”, I assumed the mission of telling them to the world. The inspiration for this first book of Cantabrian legends was the village of San Vicente de la Barquera, where I live and where I discovered some great and spectacular legends, with a huge potential, but endangered by oblivion. That’s how this book was born and surely some others will follow, because Cantabria is very rich in legends and I have only started.

4, Are they similarities between Spanish legends and those of your country?
Sometimes yes, as for example the legends with dragons, fierce beasts that used to eat maidens and live in caves, protecting some treasures. However, there are also huge differences, as for example the Transylvanian legends related to vampires or werewolves, that you won’t find in Spain.

5, How can your book be bought?
The easiest way is to order it on Amazon, because it has worldwide coverage and also because it is available in Kindle version. Here is the link…/dp/B07HF6P1Q2/ref=sr_1_1… 

6, Oh wow! You have kindle version too, why did you decide to make the soft copy available on the internet?
Well, I like to read real books, printed on paper, but I think that nowadays, with all the progress and all the new smart devices, the good old paperback books are slowly becoming “vintage” items. So, the option to have my book online as e-book, was a no-brainer, but also, having the option to send, anywhere in the world, a paperback copy, was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

7, Are your fans to expect more fascinating books like this from you?
I surely hope so. Right now I am in the process of publishing the English version of this first book, while translating the book of Transylvanian legends and doing research on some modernist Cantabrian legends too. For the last ten years I have traveled a lot and collected some very interesting legends from different parts of Europe, which might be subject for other books and, who knows?!, I might even visit other continents some day, in search of great and almost forgotten legends… So, big plans for the future. 

8, Well, it has been a great honour meeting you. Thanks a million for the copy of “Leyendas Cantabras” that you dedicated to me.
It was my pleasure and also a great honour. It doesn’t happen every day to meet a real Princess and especially such a positive and dedicated person as yourself. Thank you!

Mr Dakia and I during the interview, he dedicated a copy of his book to me

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  • Allen Gerald Filmmaker (#Your_Ugly_Director)

    Passion/love for your job really gives it Speed and nice Drive…
    Can’t wait for the translation to be be done.
    Nice piece mum

    • Wow! The fast growing top movie director of our tme,uncountable thanks Son.
      Mr Dakian is iterested in writting about African legends soon. Happy new month, dear.
      May God bless and exalt you. Amen.

  • Quite interesting, Dakia was honoured and Nwanne Campo honoured in return as the only titled Adaeze

    • Uncountable thanks Sir. We are humbled to have you leaving such nice remarks.
      May God bless you Dede 1 of Madrid. Happy new month,Sir

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